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  1. Walk The Plank

From the recording Ruthcrest

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Lets go!

We'll cross the seven seas

And as we drift away
My thoughts are not to stay
I'm pulling up my anchor
So batten down the hatches
Lock up all the latches
Dead men tell no tales

Not all treasure is silver and gold
Don't leave me out in the cold
Careful you weep what you sew

I can barely see i can barely breath
I'm buried six feet under
So look into my eyes
You'll see a different side
I'll never sleep again

We'll walk the plank
We'll walk the plank
For this

Everybody hit the deck
Cannons fired pushing forward full speed Ahead
I'll waste every last breath ill sing until i'm dead
So take your last breath and hold it in
Cause it's the last one you'll ever have Again
Have again
We'll walk the plank