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  1. Stand My Ground

From the recording Ruthcrest


Stand My Ground

I'd rather bury myself then spend another night with you
You had me fooled with your desperate intentions
And now i'm drifting away while your just right here to stay

i was blind

My time was wasted i was mistaken
Cut off the bullshit
You have now reached the end

My time was wasted
I was mistaken
You were my enemy from the start

But ill stand my
I'll stand my ground
I'll stand my ground cause i am sick of Falling down
I wont waste my
I wont waste my time
I wont waste my time again
Cause its the end for you

I should have never ever let you in
I promise myself i wont do it again
I took a chance and the chance was a dud
I should have known that you were a bust

Your plan was for me to brake
That was a mistake you live to take
You live to take

You burned your bridges
You were lying through your teeth
You liar
It wont happen again

I'll stand my ground
I'll stand my ground